Materials for Mattresses

  • Project no.451622
  • Duration 08/2018 - 06/2019

In the "Materials for Mattresses" (MfM) project, experts from the Wuppertal Institute, commissioned by the Fachverband Matratzen-Industrie e. V., are investigating the environmental impact potentials of material recovery and incineration of mattress materials. In particular, the scientists examined when material recycling is ecologically advantageous and therefore preferable to waste combustion.

In the study, the researchers identified recyclable mattress materials with mass relevance and examines the influence of manufacturing efforts, energy recovery from waste incineration and the possible values of the recovered materials by means of life cycle analysis. The research team used an analysis of theoretical and practical potentials to quantify the influence of different accompanying factors and derived recommendations for the mattress industry with regard to the waste hierarchy and the realisation of a circular economy.

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