Biodiversity Beyond the Horizon: Project to Increase Biodiversity in Supply and Demand in Out-of-Home Gastronomy

  • Project no.452003
  • Duration 09/2020 - 08/2021

Biological diversity or biodiversity comprises the wealth of ecosystems, animal and plant species, biotic communities and living organisms, as well as their genetic diversity. It is a prerequisite for human life and economic activities, such as agriculture and food. Every human being is dependent on biological diversity as the basis for all ecosystem services. Yet even today, 75 percent of the land surface and 66 percent of the sea area have already undergone major changes. Therefore, action is required. These interrelationships and the links to individual foods or their value chains should be transported into the everyday world.
The BiTe project achieves this through out-of-home gastronomy. It is planned to establish a biodiversity index for meals in company restaurants, hospitals and refectories. This will make it possible to quantify the loss of biodiversity, making it comparable and observable. To this end, the project participants are developing and testing a biodiversity index for lunchtime meals in out-of-home catering (AHG) for the first time. Workshops are held in the companies to communicate the contents to the consumer.

During the first phase of the project, the researchers will devote themselves to the detailed conception: On the one hand, the biodiversity index is to be integrated into the database of the already existing Nahgast-Calculator ( as an indicator for the measurement of (agro-)biodiversity, in order to make the influence of a midday meal on (agro-)biodiversity measurable. In addition, they will create a design concept that will help guests in the out-of-home catering sector to experience and understand biodiversity in a playful way. To ensure that the biodiversity index and the design concept are effective in practice, the project participants are also developing an implementation concept with various companies from the out-of-home catering sector as part of a co-creation process.

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