Mobility Plans and Concepts in Hesse – Synopsis and Basics for Sustainable Mobility Planning in Hessian Communes and Regions

  • Project no.252043
  • Duration 01/2020 - 06/2021

The aim of the project is to support the state of Hesse and the cities and communities in Hesse in organising mobility in a sustainable manner, securing it for all in the long term and thus promoting the municipal and regional turnaround in transport. The project is intended to provide important strategic foundations to promote networking between the local and regional levels and to ensure coherence and consistency between the strategic orientation of the plans and the level of measures. This should provide even better support for the actors in Hessian municipalities in the development and implementation of sustainable mobility plans and measures.

For this purpose, a set of guiding instruments for sustainable mobility planning processes is to be developed, which includes both content-related aspects and process-related characteristics of good planning.

In addition, a knowledge base for the Hessian municipalities is to be established, which documents and categorises, on the basis of selected criteria, which plans and concepts relating to mobility and transport are available in Hessen at municipal, regional and state level. On the basis of technical, content and methodological analyses for various spatial categories and in close feedback with central actors in Hessen, supporting and inhibiting factors of an organisational, procedural, legislative and structural nature for sustainable mobility planning processes will be identified. Synopses and selected case studies will then form the basis for deriving content-related, organisational and procedural recommendations for the future development and implementation of integrated sustainable mobility concepts.

For the long-term anchoring of sustainable mobility planning and for the support of local and regional actors, the central project results will be prepared in a target group-oriented way and transferred into an interactive knowledge platform. The knowledge database will be developed in such a way that it can be efficiently continued and supplemented beyond the end of the project. Once the project is completed, the knowledge database will be transferred to ongoing operations and will in future become the central platform for more sustainable urban mobility planning in Hesse.

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