Promotion of High-Quality Recycling of Plastics from Demolition Waste and Strengthening the Use of Recyclates in Construction Products in line with the European Plastics Strategy

  • Project no.351930
  • Duration 08/2019 - 01/2021

Within the project ReBauPro the researchers deal with high-quality recycling of plastic building products and fibre-reinforced plastics. Currently, the returns of plastic waste in this sector are still comparatively low. However, increases are expected and recycling is comparatively demanding. Since these are durable products, the aim of this project is to examine how the use of recycled materials can be increased on the production side and how plastic waste can be recycled at a high quality on the dismantling side. The aim is to find products which are already suitable for the use of recyclates today and on the other hand new types of waste which will probably occur in the future and which offer development potential for processing technology. Furthermore, the establishment of new and existing take-back systems for jointly recyclable products is an important goal.

The project participants work on this within six work packages:

  • Market research for plastic building products in Germany
  • Research and analysis of voluntary take-back systems for plastics or plastic products in the construction sector
  • Determination of pollutant load of building products made of plastic, presentation of recycling techniques, investigation of the recyclability of glass fibre-reinforced plastics
  • Use of recyclates in building products made of plastic
  • Use of recyclates for construction specific packaging
  • Derivation of implications and recommendations

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