Development of an Electric Mobility Concept for Neuwied

  • Project no.251574
  • Duration 06/2018 - 12/2018

As part of the project, the Wuppertal Institute together with the office for energy management and technical planning BET from Aachen developed a concept for expanding the use of electric vehicles in the fleet of Stadtwerke Neuwied and its sub-organisations. The aim of the project was to identify the conventionally operated company vehicles in the fleet of the municipal utilities and other municipal facilities, in which a conversion of the vehicles to electromobility is both economically sensible and possible against the background of the vehicle's usage profiles. In a first step, the driving data of the vehicles in the public utility vehicle fleet and the other sub-organisations involved were evaluated and processed. The use, utilisation and consumption or operating costs of the vehicles in the respective fleets were analysed.

In order to record the requirement profiles that the vehicles have to meet and to record the mobility needs and mobility options of the employees resulting from the work of the sub-organisations, guideline-based expert interviews were carried out in each of the five sub-organisations involved. The results of the fleet analysis and the interviews were discussed in a series of workshops with the fleet managers of the municipal utilities and their sub-organisations. Sub-concepts for the electrification of business mobility for the five sub-organisations were drawn up from the analysis results obtained. These sub-concepts are each largely adapted to the specific mobility needs resulting from the company. The sub-concepts show, as implementation plans (roadmaps), how the electrification of the respective vehicle fleets can take place and a comprehensive charging infrastructure can be provided.

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