Agile Organisation für digitales Lernen und Arbeiten in produzierenden Unternehmen aus der Region Bergisches Land

  • Project no.452191
  • Duration 05/2021 - 04/2024

The objective of the project is to develop and test an integrative concept for the agile design of work and organisational structures for small and medium enterprises in the "Bergisch Region". The concept aims to provide solutions that lead to greater efficiency and promote innovation. This work organisation is thus intended to modernise both the operational, existing business of the SMEs and to support strategic innovation processes. In this context, approaches and methods for agile innovation management and digitalised processes will be developed. Both contribute to the development of future-proof, sustainability-oriented business models. Based on the requirements for an agile work and organisational structure, a modular competence architecture is created to support digital transformation. The competence architecture is co-developed and practically tested with the corporate project partners based on the Living Lab approach.

AgilOLab consists of eight modular work packages. The Wuppertal Institute leads and works on the package "Vision and development approach for AgilOLab". Further tasks are: Synthesis of interaction design requirements; prototyping workshop to concretise the user interface design of the AgilO Platform and analysis of user experience after the testing phase.

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