Smart User Interfaces – Virtual Institute for Smart Energy: Intelligent Interfaces for Users in Energy-Efficient Households

  • Project no.452723
  • Duration 07/2022 - 06/2025

In households, digital solutions can help to save energy. The VISE-I research project is studying intelligent user interfaces that can help to save energy at home. Heating energy is considered here as an example. With cost-effective modernisations – such as smart thermostats – existing buildings can realise potential savings of around 15 per cent.

The aim of the project is to support users in saving energy via user interfaces. For this purpose, the researchers are developing technical and design approaches that can be used in the development of user interfaces regardless of manufacturer and platform. The questions the researchers are investigating are which feedback smart technologies provide to support users in saving energy and whether the technically possible potential for savings is achieved and also exploited in practice. In living labs, the project participants are analysing the current state of affairs through information and feedback systems to encourage users to save energy. In addition, they are investigating how interfaces between technology and users can be designed to optimise energy consumption and how user-friendliness, autonomy, data transparency and data protection can be integrated. The researchers develop and test the resulting design approaches together with users, representatives of the housing and real estate industry and energy service providers.

The Wuppertal Institute coordinates the collaborative project and leads the work on the co-design process in the Use Lab and on transfer and utilisation strategies.


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