Hydrogen Costs and Demands for the CO2-Neutral Transformation

  • Project no.153111
  • Duration 03/2023 - 05/2023

Since the publication of the study "Assessment of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydrogen Imports Compared to Domestic Production" by the Wuppertal Institute at the end of 2020, the framework conditions for the hydrogen ramp-up in Germany have changed significantly. Furthermore, a number of climate protection and transformation studies have been published in the meantime, some with new and differentiated assessments of hydrogen costs and development paths. These include in particular the publications referred to as the "Big Five" of climate neutrality scenarios, as well as further specific H2 analyses. Against this background, the objectives of the present study are:

  1. An update of the meta-analysis of the above-mentioned hydrogen study from 2020, in terms of cost and volume ranges for the future production and supply of green and, as far as possible, blue hydrogen for Germany.
  2. A classification of the foreseeable hydrogen demand in Germany, which depends on the choice of the application sectors.
  3. A critical discussion and classification of the future role of blue hydrogen, namely the question of whether and to what extent it could serve as a reasonable transitional solution to green hydrogen.

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