Climate Protection in Municipal Planning - Design Options for a Climate-Friendly Settlement Structure

  • Project no.252899
  • Duration 10/2022 - 06/2025

The aim of the project is to show at the municipal implementation level what climate protection-related design options municipal land-use planning offers to strengthen the climate-friendly development of compact settlement structures. Together with the law firm Gassner, Groth, Siederer & Coll. and the Wuppertal Institute the planning office BKR Aachen is developing a guideline for municipal planning practice.

To do this, the project team links existing planning law with renewable energy production using municipal case studies. Both existing and new building districts with different building types and types of use are taken into account. Environmentally friendly mobility in a city-wide and neighbourhood context is also considered.

The project team summarises the findings from these studies in a practical aid for municipalities. To do this, the project team identifies the climate protection-relevant potential for municipal planning and present the design options based on the case studies. The researchers at the Wuppertal Institute focus on developing analysis criteria for assessing planning instruments relevant to climate protection and their planning content. The analysis criteria are intended to help illustrate the implementation, effectiveness and possible conflicts in the use of planning instruments regarding the climate protection goals and to make the achievement of the goals measurable.
The creation of the planning aid involves the re-creation and updating of the action guidelines for climate protection in spatial planning, which were also created by the same consortium in 2012 on behalf of the Federal Environment Agency.

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