Schools4Future: A Handbook to Enhancing Climate Protection at Schools

  • Project no.253134
  • Duration 03/2023 - 10/2023

Building on the findings of the Schools4Future project, a guide is in development together with Büro Ö-quadrat for publishing by the Beltz publishing house. The content of the book makes it clear that climate protection at school is a joint task. The conceptual framework of the book is based on theWhole School Approach (WSA), a comprehensive and participatory approach for the holistic implementation of climate protection activities within the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). The publication aims to provide inspiration for school development processes, enabling and simplifying them at school level. A central message is that a school climate protection project can represent a significant contribution to the structural anchoring of education for sustainable development in everyday school life.

The book will

  • provide ideas for lesson design,
  • inspire a climate protection mission statement for schools,
  • provide suggestions for school programs,
  • provide guidance for municipal school boards or school management,
  • present ideas for the involvement of the school environment (school authorities, local politics, etc.), and
  • make suggestions for external cooperation partners to be involved in a meaningful way.

The aim of the guide is to provide teachers with concrete suggestions for working with students to strengthen their ability to shape more climate protection among students. The focus is on participatory methods of involvement that are suitable for "empowering" students in various ways and give teachers ideas on how to increase the self-efficacy experienced by students through concrete formats and offers.

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