ZW Höxter

Development of a Zero Waste Concept for the District of Höxter

  • Project no.352951
  • Duration 05/2023 - 04/2024

The county commissioner of the county of Höxter has commissioned the Wuppertal Institute and the Institute for Waste, Wastewater and Infrastructure Management (INFA) to develop a comprehensive zero waste concept for the county. This concept will not only contain concrete measures for waste prevention and reduction, but also define clear targets for the future.

To this end, the researchers are first preparing an inventory analysis of the waste produced in the county of Höxter. This includes the recording and evaluation of waste flows, types of waste as well as their sources and serves as the starting point for the project. Based on this, the potential of specific waste prevention measures will be developed. Measures already implemented in the county will be examined and compared with best practices from other zero waste cities.

The Wuppertal Institute is responsible for the development of a set of additional waste prevention measures and the development of a roadmap towards implementation, including concrete targets. This plan will be developed with the involvement of relevant stakeholders in workshops.

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