Düsseldorf 2050

Scenario Düsseldorf 2050: Technology Options and Paths leading to a Climate-Friendly Düsseldorf

  • Project no.2143
  • Duration 12/2010 - 07/2011

Basing on the development of a technology matrix in the course of the project "Technology matrix Germany", the project aimed at compiling a long-term climate protection concept adjusted to the local conditions in Düsseldorf.
Therefore, a long-term scenario targeting a climate-friendly city of Düsseldorf was derived which enables a discussion with relevant stakeholders. Additionally, the scenario should be further operationalised in form of a road map and a series of measures. The long-term scenario illustrates a path for the reduction of energy-related CO2 emissions down to two tonnes per inhabitant of Düsseldorf for the coming 40 years until 2050. Hence, the results of the study depict a first quantifiable idea of which energy systemic changes would be necessary in Düsseldorf in order to decrease the city's energy-related CO2 emissions to a climate-friendly level until the middle of the 21st century.