Akteurorientierter Diskussionsprozess "Senken und CDM/JI" : Endbericht

Multi-Stakeholder-Dialog zieht Bilanz

  • Publications 23.10.2003

This final report is the result of the multi-stakeholder process "Sinks and CDM/JI" that was hosted by the Climate Policy Division of the Wuppertal Institute from September 2002 to June 2003. The process was commissioned by the Federal Environment Ministry with the aim of structuring the national debate on the "sinks controversy" and thus facilitating improved policy formulation. This was deemed necessary since political decisions will have to be taken on the national, European and international level. The sinks controversy is taking place on various levels.


First, there is some fear that sink projects would draw attention away from the real cause of climate change, i.e. rising emissions. Second, opponents of sink projects argue that the sequestration of carbon dioxide is not equivalent to the reduction of emissions. They also point to the problem of quantifying carbon sequestration. The proponents of sink projects reply that these problems can for example be solved by the TCER approach. Third, there is a debate about the ecological and socio-economic side effects of sink projects.



Thomas Langrock, Wolfgang Sterk, Hans Albrecht Wiehler:

Akteurorientierter Diskussionsprozess "Senken und CDM/JI" : Endbericht

Wuppertal 2003, ISBN 3-929944-59-6

(Wuppertal Spezial no. 29)

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