Divestment is a Coming Global Trend

New factory magazine in English

  • News 08.05.2017
factory Divestment

Divestment is the elimination of investments in fossil energies. It is not yet considered a global trend, but it has the potential of becoming one. How powerful it is, how it can be implemented and which directions investments should take instead - the new factory magazine reports.

Verena Kern examines the emergence of the divestment movement and its successes, while Susanne Schwarz explores municipalities that delink from fossil investments. That taxes on CO2 might help to path the way for the needed structural changes - and that this is already happening in some countries -, shows Susanne Götze. And financial expert Susanne Bergius advises on how to foster renewable energies, sustainable production, and ecological construction with the disinvested capital.

This is only a selection of articles that you find in the factory magazine on Divestment, that has now been translated into English. It is available for free download.

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