Wuppertal Institute Presence at COP25

Side events during the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid

  • Events 02.12. - 13.12.2019
  • Location Madrid, Spain

The Wuppertal Institute undertakes research and develops models, strategies and instruments for transitions to a sustainable development at local, national and international level. The institute is organising a number of side events at COP25 to present its insights and stimulate discussions among negotiators and practitioners.

On the one hand, a number of side events will address issues to be negotiated in Katowice. The Wuppertal Institute is co-organising a side event with the University of Zurich, INFRAS and the Stockholm Environment Institute on how to ensure credibility of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement as a means to promote ambition in climate change mitigation. Another side event in co-operation with the ClimateWorks Foundation will discuss how to maximise the effectiveness of the Paris Agreement's Global Stocktake.

On the other hand, side events will discuss questions of how to move forward with achieving emission reductions and sustainable development on the ground. A particular focus lies on climate protection in industry and on pathways towards sustainable mobility.

Side events of the Wuppertal Institute:

  • 3 December, 13.10-15.00:
    Making Article 6 more than zero sum: Options for how to use international carbon markets to enhance ambition
    Venue: WWF Panda Hub Pavilion
  • 3 December, 14.30-16.00:
    Ensuring credibility of Article 6 as a means to promote ambition in climate change mitigation
    Venue: EU Pavilion
  • 3 December, 16.45-18.15:
    Building an Inclusive Global Stocktake: Independent and transparent assessments for greater ambition
    Venue: Room 3
  • 5 December, 15.00-18.30:
    Expert Dialogue on Bioenergy and Climate Ambition in the framework of COP25
    Venue: IDFC Pavilion
  • 6 December, 13.15-14.45:
    GEF Experience in Mitigation – Promoting Urban Sustainability Through the Scaling of Electric Mobility
    Venue: Room 3
  • 6 December, 13.30-14.45:
    Transformative potential of small-scale energy access investments: linking community action to SDGs and NDC implementation
    Venue: SDG Pavilion
  • 6 December, 15.45-17.15:
    Can "our" long-term strategies make 1.5°C societies a reality?
    Venue: Japan Pavilion
  • 6 December, 18.30-20.00:
    Advancing Sustainable Cities: Renewables as the key to the climate, energy and mobility transition
    Venue: Room 4
  • 7 December, 15.00-16.30:
    Mobility and climate change: the integral approach of cities
    Venue: Spain Pavilion
  • 9 December, 12.30-13.45:
    Smart urban transitions: innovative and efficient mobility solutions
    Venue: German Pavilion
  • 10 December, 09.30-11.00:
    Climate action in industry – new perspectives and opportunities
    Venue: EIB-BENELUX Pavilion
  • 10 December, 10.45-12.00:
    Key challenges and solutions in the transition to electric mobility
    Venue: Korea Pavilion
  • 12 December, 10.30-12.00:
    EU Technology transition for industry – the role of research and innovation programmes
    Venue: Room Brussels
  • 12 December, 16.45-18.15:
    Our house is burning. Scientific effective targeting to put out the fire
    Venue: Room 1
  • 13 December, 13.15-14.45:
    Acceleration of innovation for reducing CO2 emissions
    Venue: Room 1

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