Coronavirus: Events Cancelled or Postponed

Events by and with the Wuppertal Institute

  • News 17.03.2020

The Wuppertal Institute observes the developments around the coronavirus (COVID-19) with great care. Therefore, it takes various precautionary measures in the interest of public health and to protect the well-being of employees, partners, visitors, and participants of planned events. All events organised by the Wuppertal Institute and its partner companies as well as events held on the Institute's own premises are initially cancelled (until further notice). However, the Institute is examining whether the events can be held digitally instead, for example in the form of a webinar. Furthermore, the Wuppertal Institute will provide information on a possible extension of this period in due course.

At the same time, the Institute's staff will continue to work on their topics in an unchanged and committed manner and will be available to all partners, albeit largely from their home offices.

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