Our scientists communicate their research actively during conferences, congresses, in discussions, symposiums or workshops. Here you find all events.


Conference "Deep Decarbonisation of Materials Processing Industries"

Implications for policy, industry and research

27.09. -29.09.2017

Innovation Addressing Climate Change Challenges

Local and global perspectives at the 18th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation

26.09. -29.09.2017

Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems

SolarPACES 2017

25.09. -27.09.2017

The International Solid Waste Association

World congress 2017 in Baltimore, USA

25.09. -26.09.2017

SustEcon Conference

Paper presentation of the NAH Guest project

18.09. -20.09.2017

International Conference on Sustainable Development

ICSD 2017

13.09. -15.09.2017


9th International Conference On Energy Efficiency In Domestic Appliances and Lighting

13.09. -14.09.2017

Innovation & Research in the E-waste Recycling Chain: Improving Circular Economy of Critical Raw Materials

The EIT Raw Materials / RWTH Aachen IdeaCamp

03.09. -10.09.2017

Smartphones, Resources and Human Rights – A Trans-Disciplinary Approach

8th Sustainable Summer School

29.08. -01.09.2017


Annual Conference 2017

25.07. -26.07.2017

Transformational Changes: Putting Sustainability at the Heart of Action

9th International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific

18.07. -19.07.2017

Sustainable Transformation of the Energy System in Iran

Workshop to promote cooperation and exchange between German and Iranian institutions


Triggering the Low Carbon Transition

Conference in Paris on carbon pricing

03.07. -14.07.2017

Development of Teaching Modules and Materials

Training for universities in the Middle East and North Africa

29.06. -30.06.2017

The Energy Revolution

Conference within EXPO 2017 in Kazakhstan

25.06. -29.06.2017

Joint Conference of ISIE and ISSST

Science in Support of Sustainable and Resilient Communities

19.06. -21.06.2017

Renewable Energy Sources - Research and Business

2nd RESRB in Wroclaw, Poland

18.06. -21.06.2017

Taking the Lead in Real World Transition

IST 2017 in Sweden


Integrating the Supply Chain for the Recovery of Critical Raw Materials from WEEE

European conference around CRM recovery in Manchester, UK

01.06. -02.06.2017

Is the Climate for European Ports Changing?

ESPO 2017 in Barcelona