Our scientists communicate their research actively during conferences, congresses, in discussions, symposiums or workshops. Here you find all events.

16.03. -18.03.2021

Energy Storage Europe 2020

Prof. Dr. Manfred Fischedick gives a lecture during the conference


Air Quality Sensing powered by Citizen Science

Webinar (Part 2): How can low-cost, open-source and easy-to-use Air Quality Sensors be used to support sustainable urban development policies?


Cancelled: GJETC Outreach event

Results, lessons and perspectives from the second phase of the German-Japanese Energy Transition Council (GJETC)


Postponed: Infrastructure for net-zero heavy industry in Europe

Is EU infrastructure ready for the clean transition? Final event of the INFRA-NEEDS project


Environmental Protection in Cities: Common Challenges and Innovative Solutions

Final conference of the "Urban Environmental Protection International" project


Tactical Urbanism: What, Why and How?

Webinar series (Part 2): Adopting Tactical Urbanism in your cities


Air Quality Sensing powered by Citizen Science

Webinar (Part 1): How to assemble low-cost, open-source and easy-to-use Air Quality Sensors?


Tactical Urbanism: What, Why and How?

Webinar series (Part 1): Fundamentals of Tactical Urbanism

30.01. -31.01.2020


Science-Community Engagement Practices for the Future

02.12. -13.12.2019

Wuppertal Institute Presence at COP25

Side events during the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid

27.11. -28.11.2019

2019 Annual Polis Conference

Innovation in Transport for Sustainable Cities and Regions


Infrastructure Needs for the Decarbonisation of Heavy Industries until 2050

Workshop of the Wuppertal Institute

28.10. -31.10.2019

12th Intergovernmental Regional Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST) Forum in Asia

Theme "Achieving Smart and Resilient City through Low Carbon and Intelligent Transport System"

28.10. -30.10.2019

Re-Industrialise: Study Visit to North Rhine-Westphalia

Joining forces for a successful regional transition: experiences and lessons learned on fostering collaboration


Brussels Policy Dialogue

Presentation of the "COP21 RIPPLES" project results

21.10. -25.10.2019

Manfred Fischedick on a Conference Tour

Vice-President of the Wuppertal Institute travels to Seoul

02.10. -04.10.2019

CIVITAS Forum Conference 2019

Annual conference

30.09. -04.10.2019

Second Lead Author Meeting of the IPCC

6th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) with Manfred Fischedick

16.09. -22.09.2019

European Mobility Week

Lecture from Dr. Frederic Rudolph at the European Central Bank


Future of the Industry

Between greenhouse gas neutrality and competitiveness