Our scientists communicate their research actively during conferences, congresses, in discussions, symposiums or workshops. Here you find all events.

27.11. -28.11.2019

2019 Annual Polis Conference

Innovation in Transport for Sustainable Cities and Regions


Infrastructure Needs for the Decarbonisation of Heavy Industries until 2050

Workshop of the Wuppertal Institute

28.10. -31.10.2019

12th Intergovernmental Regional Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST) Forum in Asia

Theme "Achieving Smart and Resilient City through Low Carbon and Intelligent Transport System"

28.10. -30.10.2019

Re-Industrialise: Study Visit to North Rhine-Westphalia

Joining forces for a successful regional transition: experiences and lessons learned on fostering collaboration


Brussels Policy Dialogue

Presentation of the "COP21 RIPPLES" project results

21.10. -25.10.2019

Manfred Fischedick on a Conference Tour

Vice-President of the Wuppertal Institute travels to Seoul

02.10. -04.10.2019

CIVITAS Forum Conference 2019

Annual conference

30.09. -04.10.2019

Second Lead Author Meeting of the IPCC

6th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) with Manfred Fischedick

16.09. -22.09.2019

European Mobility Week

Lecture from Dr. Frederic Rudolph at the European Central Bank


Future of the Industry

Between greenhouse gas neutrality and competitiveness

01.07. -04.07.2019

SciShops Summer School

Science Shop to build bridge between science and civil society


Electrification in Climate Protection Scenarios for the Steel, Chemicals and Pulp & Paper Industry

Joint workshop by REINVENT and SCI4climate.NRW

17.06. -18.06.2019

SUMPs-Up Workshop on Financing and Procurement for Sustainable Urban Mobility

Side event to the 6th European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans


Circular Economy in Climate Protection Scenarios for the Steel and Chemicals Industry

Joint workshop by REINVENT and SCI4climate.NRW



Buildung small-medium local authorities" capacity to introduce innovative transport schemes

12.06. -14.06.2019

Eastern Africa Business and Economic Watch

4th EABEW 2019 International Conference

27.05. -31.05.2019

UN Habitat Assembly

Innovation for better Quality of Life in Cities and Communities

27.05. -30.05.2019

27th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition (EUBCE 2019)

Final Workshop of the FlexiFuel-SOFC project

22.05. -23.05.2019

International Conference on Climate Action

ICCA 2019

21.05. -22.05.2019

4th Future Congress 2019

Bringing technology to people