Earth Politics

Strategy for transforming industrial economies towards sustainability

  • Publications 02.12.1994

This major work puts forward a comprehensive and visionary strategy for transforming industrial economies towards sustainability. It argues that a non-wasteful, non-destructive model of wealth creation requires environmental policies that are at once feasible and not seen as detrimental to standards of living. Practical remedial measures must be combined, the author argues, with price and taxation policies which reflect ecological realities. He envisages a coming "century of the environment" founded on more responsible science and technology and new ways of valuing labour and economic achievement.


The book has already had a significant impact on German environmental debates and policies and has been extensively revised to include an assessment of the 1992 Earth Summit and the follow-up actions needed.



Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker:

Earth Politics

Zed Books, London, 1994

234 pp.

ISBN 1-85649-173-0 (hardcover)

ISBN 1-85649-174-9 (softcover)


Also available in Spanish and Japanese.

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