The Green Hydrogen Puzzle

Article published in Special Issue of Sustainability journal

  • News 23.11.2021

Green hydrogen will play a key role in building a climate-neutral energy-intensive industry. Within the context of the SCI4climate.NRW project, Lena Tholen, Dr. Anna Leipprand, Dr. Dagmar Kiyar and Thomas Adisorn of the Wuppertal Institute as well as Sarah Maier, Malte Küper and Andreas Fischer of the German Economic Institute have published an article on how policy can support the development of green hydrogen for the defossilisation of industry. So far, it is unclear how appropriate policy measures should be designed. Existing challenges currently hinder the rapid implementing a hydrogen economy.

Therefore, the article "The Green Hydrogen Puzzle: Towards a German Policy Framework for Industry" identifies four key challenges and translates them into criteria to assess policy instruments for hydrogen. The analysis evaluates seven policy measures that are currently intensively discussed in the public debate. The results of the multi-criteria analysis show the potential of the selected instruments to overcome the different challenges. Furthermore, it is illustrated how the instruments can be combined in a policy package.

The article was published in the Special Issue "Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in the Energy-Intensive Heavy Industry" of the journal Sustainability.

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