Interactive Coal Transitions Maps

CINTRAN's flagship outputs is ready for use

  • News 27.10.2023

Researchers of the CINTRAN project collected and analysed for selected focus regions a wide range of data such as income rate, unemployment rate, dependence on the fossil fuel industry. The team then combined the data into the "socio-economic risk index" that indicates which carbon intensive regions will rely on support the most in order to overcome transition challenges. The results are displayed in interactive maps for everybody to explore for themselves. Besides the socio-economic risk index, you will find maps for the role of migration during the transformation, i.e. the brain drain, population aging and the necessary inflows of potential workers. Last not least the maps display selected coping strategies of the regions in order to face the challenges of the upcoming decarbonisation, such as resistance to the transformation, adaptation strategies to protect the functioning of the existing system from substantial change, or active participation in the transformation.

The maps were developed in cooperation with the EC's Energy and Industry Geography Lab (EIGL), which is maintained by the Joint Research Centre. The CINTRAN map layers are available at the EIGL map tool under the link below by selecting "socio-economic data" and "socio-economic impact of decarbonisation".

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