Driving Forces and Potential Barriers for Renewable Energy Utilisation - an Integrated Approach

  • Project no.2123
  • Duration 10/2006 - 03/2009

Increasing shares of renewable energies in energy systems are fostered by various positive driving forces. However, many obstacles keep renewable energies from being utilised to their maximum potential.
The project analyses both drivers and obstacles for the utilisation of renewables in terms of their contribution to the overall energy supply mix as well as in terms of their possible market perspectives. The project's main aims are:
1) defining a robust framework for the system-wide utilisation of renewables
2) acting as an "early indicator system" for necessary adjustments of the framework as a response to possible abrupt changes in the energy regime.
The analysis of dynamic processes and their consequences for progressing the dissemination of renewables is of utmost relevance in the context of the project. Among these dynamic processes are demographic trends, aspects of social change, climate change effects and technological achievements apart from the renewables sector.
Work package 1 analyses current drivers and motivations for the accelerated introduction and dissemination of renewables into energy systems. Work package 2 consists of a scrutiny of the international situation in this regard and examines the role of renewables in international energy scenarios. A historic perspective is meant to reveal insights into the dynamics of opinion shaping of relevant players. Work package 3 examines long term development trends and perspectives: One aspect herein is the discussion of the framework of long term robust market development for renewable energy technologies.
The project strongly emphasises open discourse with relevant market, political, scientific and other players. A Delphi study and workshops will be conducted during the course of the project.

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