2E+: Procurement on Very Energy Efficient White Goods

  • Project no.3207
  • Duration 04/2002 - 10/2004

This project continues the successfull pilote project Energy+, the market introduction of more efficient refrigeratiors and freezers. The pilote project, funded by the European Union (SAVE program) was the first to test the instrument of co-operative procurement on a European scale, using highly efficient refrigerators and freezers as an example and working in 13 countries. The Wuppertal Institute, funded by the North Rhine-Westphalian Minsitry of Economy and by the German Federal Agency for the Environment, was responsible for the acquisition on the German side. The project publishes lists twice a year with prospective buyers and supporting organisations as well as with models meeting the requirements in view of energy efficiency and futher qualities. More than 100 institutional buyers and retail chains or groups, representing all togehter 15,000 stores and one million householdes, were interested in purchasing Energy+ models. These models are refrigerators or freezers consuming at least 25 per cent less energy than class A-models of the EU energy label (Energy efficiency index of 0.42 or less). While there were only 78 Energy+ models available in 2002, the number increased to around 900 by 2004, equivalent to about one fifth of all models on offer in the EU. The five models winning the Energy+ Awards all use no more than 180 kWh of electricity per year. The project has contributed to prepare the market to the introduction of the new sub-classes A+ and A++ of the EU energy label for refrigerators and freezers. In Germany the following retail stores and and buying syndicates have participated in the project: Brinkmann, RUEFACH, Neckermann and Redzac/Interfunk. Furthermore, the project was supported by the Federation of Energy Users, the Schleswig-Holstein Energy Foundation, the Climate Alliance, the public utility company of Aachen and the WWF Germany.

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