SuPP-Urb China

Sustainable Public Procurement in Urban Administrations in China

  • Project no.3240

The project "Sustainable Public Procurement in Urban Administrations in China" (SuPP-Urb China) wants to contribute to the reduction of emissions and of resource consumption. It aims at adapting and using sustainable public procurement standards in municipal Public Procurement Centres in chinese megacities Tianjin, Qinhuangdao and Lanzhou and to mainstream its application in China. Thus, it will support achieving the environmental targets of China's 11th five-year plan through implementing and mainstreaming sustainable public procurement (SPP) on city level.

In September 2006, China's Ministry of Finance and the State Environmental Protection Administration (now the Ministry for Environmental Protection) issued a directive fostering green public procurement, which is accompanied by a frequently updated "green purchasing list" of eco-friendly products and producers. Supposedly the listed products should receive priority in public procurement, but in reality, implementation on local level is still lacking. Against this background, the project coordinated by the Wuppertal Institute is to fix parameters that help to protect the climate and to reduce environmental degradation.

The project activities are:

  • Project preparation and gathering of good practice examples;
  • Screening and framework conditions for SPP;
  • Implementation of SPP in 3 target cities;
  • Dissemination in China and Asia;
  • National Policy Dialogue.

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