Developing Measures to Reduce CO2-Emissions and to Develop an Excel Database Displaying Measures for Municipal Courses of Action for the City of Osnabrück

  • Project no.2239
  • Duration 10/2007 - 04/2008

In the recently released report of the IPCC ambitious climate protection objectives were formulated on a national and on a european level. Especially town councils can contribute a substantial share to achieve objectives because they are close to the consumer. The service capacity of renewable energies as well as the development of combined heat and power have to be made accesible. The city of Osnabrück is well aware of the thereby increasing responsibility and would like to develop and implement goal-oriented measures leading to an improvement of the local CO2-balance and to positive effects for the local economy by developing regional business cycles, making use of aid money and of better Qualifications for craftsmen and planners.
As public authorities are short of financial means the following question conerning the developing of municipal climate protection measures are arising: Which measures can we afford? Where do we achieve the biggest effects? Where are local potentials for the development of renewable energies within the region? These are the questions that will be elaborated in line with the project. Therefore, an overview of possible measures in the field of municipal climate protection will be developed in a first step. Building on that, concrete recommendations for the climate protection strategy for Osnabrück will be given. The overview on measures will be registered in an excel chart serving as a database through which all the information of every single measure can be accessed. That way it is obvious which target group concerns which measure, how the contribution to the climate protection is accomplished (for example heat and electricity savings, renewable energies etc.), how high the CO2-savings can be, who is responsible for the implementation, and which approximate investment is required. The implementation of this database can be used for other town councils as well. This part of the study is encouraged by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (German Federal Foundation for the Environment). The objective of the overview is to develop a decision making help for political and municipal decision makers in order to determine and realise appropriate climate protection measures.

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