Strategies to Use Biofuel Value Chain Potential in Sub-Saharan Africa to Respond to Global Change: Biofuel Evaluation for Technological Tanzanian Efficiency Using Renewables - Integrated Strategies

  • Project no.2415
  • Duration 04/2009 - 06/2012

The project aims at identifying the potentials to enhance living conditions along biofuel value chains in Tanzania. The opportunities of biofuel production and consumption are discussed as adaptation strategies to climate change, world market development and growing energy demand. Based on the identification of strengths and weaknesses of the different development options, partaking in biofuel value chains could be a way out of poverty for small-scale farming.

Thus, an assessment framework will be developed combining the modelling approach (top-down) and case study evaluation as well as stakeholder involvement (bottom-up). Planned outputs are:

  • Development of a set of alternative global scenarios focusing on energy demand, resulting changes in crop prices, and land use changes in crop production;
  • Assessment of biomass consumption patterns in Tanzania and analysis of global/national scenario implications;
  • Analysis of biomass value chain potentials for small-scale farmers based on relevant stakeholder integration in Tanzania;
  • Sustainability Impact Analysis in the case study region using the developed global energy scenarios with focus on implications for living conditions, environmental security, and regional economy.

A further important output will be an information system to support decision processes in biomass value chain management. The information system will consist of topic-structured modules and theoretical concepts of capacity building. It will provide suitable strategies for farmers, especially small-scale farmers, regional organisations and local authorities.

The Wuppertal Institute will analyse biomass consumption patterns incl. competing biomass uses (food, feed, material and energy use) and will develop a trend scenario of biomass consumption. The Wuppertal Institute will also contribute to the development of a sustainability criteria set for the biofuel production in Tanzania.

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