Environmental Monitoring Research on Electric Mobility

  • Project no.3134
  • Duration 05/2010 - 10/2011

The aim of the project is to assess the environmental (discharge) effects of electric mobility, taking into account the practicality and cost tolerance. The focus is on the parameters of energy consumption and climate loads.

As research tasks the following was formulated:
1. Processing and analysis of data from the individual research projects of the research program model electric mobility regions with respect to single rides and loading operations of the electric vehicles and comparison with non-electrical traffic management.
2. Moreover, in more systemic view in the field of private car use: comparison of mobility patterns with electric vehicles and without electric vehicles, as well as
3. also in more systemic view in the field of commercial vehicle use: Comparison of fleet operations with electric vehicles and without electric vehicles.

Special working groups were established on the following questions:

  • "Electricity mix": Which mix is based on the operation of electric vehicles?
  • "Comparison of vehicle": What non-electric vehicles will be based on the comparisons?
  • "Noise and pollution": What changes in noise and pollutant emissions can be expected?
  • "LCA": How to judge electric cars with further delineation of the assessment framework?

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