CDM in Sub-Saharan Africa

Integrating Africa's Least Developed Countries into the Global Carbon Market

  • Project no.2262
  • Duration 09/2010 - 10/2012

In the past decade the Clean Development Mechanism as one of the project-based mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol has triggered very successfully investments in emission reduction projects, mainly in emerging economies. The success of the CDM in Africa has been, however, very limited so far: only two percent of all CDM projects have been implemented there. This is despite the strong growth in demand of carbon credits from African countries - not least through special provisions for CERs from LDCs at EU level and due to simplification of the CDM procedures as regards microprojects and countries with less than 10 registered CDM projects.

Against this background the Wuppertal Institute examines together with its partner GFA ENVEST how least developed countries in Africa can be better integrated into the global carbon market. This involves assessing the potential for CDM projects, the obstacles and barriers, and possible solution strategies that go beyond traditional capacity building efforts. These solutions are characterised by their practical relevance.

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