Follow-Up Project CCS-Communication

Follow-Up project "CCS-Communication" - Multivariate Analysis of Factors Influencing the Acceptance of CCS

  • Project no.3141
  • Duration 09/2011 - 01/2012

The overall objective of the follow-up project "CCS Communication - Multivariate analysis of factors influencing the acceptance of CCS", is to examine the importance of different influencing factors and their interactions for the acceptance of CCS technologies. The results provide a basis for the (further) development of communication and participation with regard to CCS.
As part of the previous project "Scrutinizing the impact of CCS communication on the general and local public" three representative surveys were conducted: a Germany-wide and two regional surveys, which took place in the region along the River Rhine and in Schleswig-Holstein. These surveys resulted in a record that includes a total of 2017 cases. Due to the short duration of the previous project, so far only a small part of the data was evaluated. Thus, additionally to the final report of the previous project, the awareness and knowledge on CCS in [Schumann et al., 2010] and the risk-benefit assessment and acceptance of the three CCS process steps in [Pietzner et al., 2010] were explained.
Using multivariate analyses, the available data will now be further analysed and the results explained in more depth. The recommendations that were developed under the previous project are already recorded and specified on the basis of the examined factors if feasible. In addition, it is expected that new recommendations for the communication of CCS can be supplemented and developed. The implementation of the recommendations for the treatment of information about CCS is to ensure that the broad public may develop independent and well-reasoned attitudes towards the CCS.

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