Scientific Monitoring of Finding a Position on the Energy System Transition

  • Project no.2154
  • Duration 08/2012 - 04/2014

In the field of landscape planning the transformation of the energy system and the increased use of renewable energy will imply many new decision-making needs. This results in numerous information, clarification needs and needs for action for the landscape architects of North Rhine-Westphalia. Against this background, the Committee Landscape Architecture in NRW issued a position paper including - in the means of a science-based process - the current knowledge of the energy and climate research with regard to the transformation of the energy system. The Wuppertal Institute supported this process and provided the scientific evidences, which served as a basis for this position paper. The position paper was published in the form of a comprehensive brochure, which was also presented in the context of the Landscape Architects' Day NRW 2015 (topic: climate change concrete). The brochure comprises an up-to-date overview of the status quo of planning approaches and the interaction of landscape architecture and energy transition. It also provides an outlook of future challenges and possible solutions and strategies in this field. The brochure was published in German and is available online.

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