Energy Wood Eifel - A Potential and Market Study as well as a Concept for an Improved Supply, Processing and Marketing

  • Project no.1435
  • Duration 07/2011 - 02/2012

The Bioenergy region Eifel comprises the areas "Bitburg-Prüm", the "Vulkaneifel" (both in Rheinland-Palatinate) and the Eifel (North Rhine-Westphalia). Altogether this is an area of about 4500 km2. A market study and a potential analysis gave information on wood resources available for the use as energy wood in the region. Furthermore, concepts for an improved supply, processing and marketing of energy wood were elaborated.

The project is divided into different modules:

  • Modul 1 contains the potential and market study of energy wood in the Eifel.
  • Modul 2 comprises the concept for an improved supply, processing and marketing of energy wood from the region.
  • Modul 3 contains derived recommendations and the presentation of the study.

The tasks of the Wuppertal Institute were:

  • Presenting the concept of cascading use of biomass products
  • Explaining the concept of cascading in the context of wood usage with regard to different applications of wood for energy generation
  • Pointing out sustainability challenges with regard to competing uses.

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