Synergies and Trade-offs between Resource- and Climate Protection

  • Project no.2324
  • Duration 05/2012 - 03/2015

The energy strategy of the Federal Government plans to reduce the output of greenhouse gases until 2020 by 40 % and until 2050 by at least 80 % (in comparison to 1990). Especially the development of renewable energies will have a central role. Besides climate protection the sustainable strategy of the Federal Government also includes the efficient use of short resources as a key to a sustainable development and intends to double the efficiency of the use of non-energetic resources until 2020 in comparison to 1994. So far, overlapping policy area impact analyses don not find much consideration with regards to the definition and implementation of activities in the area of climate and resource conservation. Therefore, synergies and conflicting goals arising out of activities dealing with climate and resource conservation are often not recognised. This also prevents the composition of alternative packages of measures, which would use synergies and prevent conflicting goals.

The project aim is to develop policy measures on the example of photovoltaic and building refurbishment assessing their impacts on the conflicting areas of resource and climate conservation and with regard to the affected markets and stakeholders. Based on the resulting findings alternative packages of measures shall be developed.

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