Developing a Climate-Friendly State Administration of Lower Saxony

  • Project no.250669
  • Duration 07/2015 - 02/2016

The Wuppertal Institute established a concept of a climate friendly provincial administration of the Lower Saxony in cooperation with its project partners agiplan and infas enermetric. The contextual challenges of this concept can be divided into four issues, which are related to different performance packages:

1. Finding limits for organisational and CO2-emitting systems. What extent of emissions is to be expected within these boundaries?
(Work package 1: Opening balance sheet)

2. Prospective CO2 saving potentials for determined action fields and the administration in total
(Work package 2: Reductive potentials and pathways)

3. Evaluation of these measures regarding a cost-benefit assessment
(Work package 3: Resource Management - utilisation and expected savings)

4. Feasibility of the 5-year planning?
(Work package 4: Roadmap for the implementation)

The result of this project is an implementation-oriented concept for a climate-friendly provincial administration of the Lower Saxony, which fulfills proactively the duties of a climate protection law of the state. The tasks of the Wuppertal Institute concentrated on the saving potentials in the fields of buildings, mobility, and procurement.

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