Load Time Series and Management in Industry, Trade and Commerce on Distribution Grid Level

  • Project no.150040
  • Duration 08/2014 - 01/2017

This research project which is conducted by Fraunhofer ISE aims at developing a new market roll in the distribution grid (Decentralized Market Operator - DMO). This Market Operator is supposed to take care of an optimal management of the distribution grid, thereby contributing to the integration of renewable energies, energy storage, demand side management and energy efficiency measures.

Industry and Trade & Commerce are among the energy intensive elements of the distribution system. They therefore play a significant role in this context, since they are suited especially for the implementation of demand side management and efficiency measures. But, due to there heterogeneous structure, they can hardly be analysed and depicted by applying statistical methods and instead have to be examined individually.

The Wuppertal Institute is a subcontractor in this project, providing the necessary data about industrial and commercial consumers:

  • Selection of relevant commercial sectors and companies
  • Modelling of the annual heat and electricity demand of the selected companies
  • Modelling synthetical load time series for electrical and thermal loads in high temporal resolution (15 min)
  • Indication of necessary investments in plants and facilities
  • Assessment of costs for the implementation of demand side management measures
  • Modelling of shiftable loads and correspondent timeframes

A focus is the development of a model to generate synthetical load time series of heat and electricity appliances in the industrial and commercial sector.

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