Enhancement of Conceptual Considerations on Ecological Justice as Part of the Social Accounting in Germany on the Basis of Expert Interviews and an Expert Discussion: Main Study

  • Project no.2119
  • Duration 10/2004 - 11/2006

A new relevance of relationships and interdependencies between ecology and justice is background of the scheme. On the one hand, environmental measures get only accepted by general public if they are perceived as reasonable and fair. On the other hand, an adequate impartation of the prospects for a more sustainable quality of life that are linked with an ecological reformation into the public discourse is essential. The project shall contribute to establish the idea of "ecological justice" in the public discourse and achieve an acceptance of "environment" as a part of welfare.

The explorative project is divided into three modules; the Wuppertal Institute is working on module I and II. Objective target of module I is to explore explicit and implicit positions of environmental relevant actors on justice and welfare as well as the underlying value systems and the comprehension of targets, problems and need for action (actor analysis). In module II, a survey of the principal sustainability and welfare concepts and their interfaces and cleavages will be elaborated inasmuch important for the environmental and social accounting (concept analysis). Soundings of the relationships between the welfare and sustainability discourse had been carried out in the context of an expert discussion "Welfare and sustainability - a new focus of sustainability research" that was held in cooperation of the Wuppertal Institute and the Federal Environmental Agency at May 12, 2005 in Berlin (preliminary study to the current main study).

A further expert discussion (module III, organisation by GP-Forschungsgruppe Munich) is scheduled for October 2006. Starting from the results developed in the study, a professional discussion of welfare and sustainability discourse representatives with different backgrounds (policy, economy, civil society, science) is thus to be initiated.

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