Evaluation of the Joint Review of the DCED Business Environment Working and Green Growth Working Groups

  • Project no.350480

The Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED), consisting of 22 funding and intergovernmental agencies has been set up to promote the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals through development of the private sector.

A growing number of countries are developing green growth strategies, and the private sector is increasingly interested in these green growth opportunities. Many of these strategies and new policies have close connections to the existing and evolving business environment frameworks in developing countries. However, there is a strong need for a better understanding of how business environment reform and green growth policies interact and work together in order to avoid regulatory incompatibility leading to suboptimal outcomes. By analysing the effectiveness and efficiency of the policies that operate on the nexus of Business Environment Reform and Green Growth policy frameworks a better understanding of "the right policy in the right context" becomes possible. As such, this project has a dual yet thoroughly linked perspective:

  • The role of the business environment in promoting green growth;
  • The mainstreaming of green growth strategies in business environment reform.</il>

Two areas where there is a large potential of identifying "win-win" measures that benefit both private sector development and the environment have been selected:

  • Integrated Permitting and Licenses Schemes
  • Institutional Requirements and Standard

The core of our methodology consists of developing a policy measure database, which holds structured information on individual policy measures. The core unit of this policy measure database are policy measure factsheets which contains key indicators (qualitative and quantitative) of identified concrete policy measure across a broad set of countries.

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