Resilient City - Future City

  • Project no.250725
  • Duration 12/2015 - 09/2016

Currently, many cities are facing social, environmental and economic challenges, like growing social inequalities, impacts of climate change, demographic change and managing structural change. Urban and district development, urban planning and infrastructural supply are directly affected by these changes and have to develop future-proof solutions. The ability of cities to be resistant against disruptive events and crises and to be able to maintain services under stress is increasingly characterized by the concept of resilience. This term is theory-based and involves a high level of abstraction. Therefore, the challenge is to compose the related development options in different fields of action more concrete and to show first steps of planning implementation in the context of urban developments.

For this reason, the Ministry of Building, Housing, Urban Development and Transport of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (MBWSV) has commissioned the Wuppertal Institute in cooperation with plan + risk consult - Prof. Dr. Greiving & Partner to create a practical report. The report "Resiliente Stadt - Zukunftsstadt" (Resilient City - Future City) shows how the conceptual guiding principle of a resilient city can be implemented in different fields and at different levels (entire city, district).

Using the subjects of

  • urban climate, heat stress and quality of life
  • summery extreme weather
  • water infrastructures in the city
  • socially oriented housing
  • self-help networks / bottom-up district development

problems of the municipalities are processed from the perspective of resilience. Conceptual and planning solutions are demonstrated and the need for further action is pointed out. The use of instruments is exemplified and recommendations for urban planning and other actors of urban development (for example planning agencies, water management, housing sector, neighbourhood management) are given.

The report will be available as part of the public relations work of the MBWSV.

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