Integrated Regional Climate Lab North Jarkarta and Port

  • Project no.251815
  • Duration 08/2019 - 01/2021

The JaC-Lab initiative aims to integrate urgent short- and middle-term climate change adaptation and mitigation actions into a long-term sustainable urban transition frame and network. By applying the method of Urban Transition Management, the project aims to guide local stakeholders in addressing and implementing measures of adaptation and climate change mitigation based on a sustainable urban development strategy. JaCLab uses effect chains between single SDGs on the level of integrated urban planning and the model of Sustainable Urban Metabolism  as means to produce applicable results.
The definition phase concentrates on establishing a multi-stakeholder co-design process to produce a common Transition Agenda as a participatory sequence of joint preparation, knowledge production and envisioning of transition pathways. The definition phase aims to create and select high priority R&D projects and to integrate several of them into a comprehensive action frame- and network of sustainability transition. The network shall be implemented as the "North Jakarta Sustainability Living Lab" in which interrelated multiplier and pilot measures are combined to serve the overall sustainable urban development scenario.

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