Catalysts for More Sufficient Infrastructure Projects in Germany and Switzerland

  • Project no.251508
  • Duration 06/2018 - 12/2019

Owing to their different political systems, Germany and Switzerland have different decision-making processes for the development of the local infrastructure. The project aimed to develop recommendations for municipalities to support sufficiency, i.e. in terms of raw-material and energy consumption, in future infrastructure projects. The following aspects were relevant:

  • The question of necessity and size of infrastructure (can existing infrastructures be used more optimally, for example, through densification or multiple use?)
  • New infrastructure should be built and operated to consistently be energy and resource efficient and recyclable.
  • Sustainable infrastructure should provide all requires services, but also empower and enable its users to have a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Projects must be conceptualised and communicated in a way that guarantees the most acceptance and endurance in a democratic system.

As part of the SuffIn project, infrastruture mobility projects will be examined in the cities of Basel and Cologne. The focus will be on improving of sufficiency aspects and the development and implementating political options for action. Consequently, "SuRe – The Standard for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure" and the associated "SmartScan" tools, both developed within in this project, will be used.

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