Networking and Development of New Urban Production Sites in the Bergisches Land Region – Economic Development 4.0

  • Project no.451705
  • Duration 01/2020 - 11/2022

Urban production refers to the decentralised production and processing of goods in densely populated areas. In this context, there is potential for ecological and social sustainability, for example in the areas resources, logistics, repair, recycling, sharing, employment, as well as (further) education or enhancement of the environment. Urban production often grows from the bottom up without political incentives, as the Wuppertal districts of Ölberg and Mirke demonstrate. Within the project NewUrbPro, researchers of the Wuppertal Institute analyse in order to develop recommendations of action for politics, economy, and society and to open up the scope for shaping new urban production following the self-image of a "Transformative Science".

The project pursues the following goals for New Urban Production:

  • Definition and mapping of sites
  • Development of a transdisciplinary centre of excellence
  • Creation of a supra-regionally visible platform to promote and strengthen
  • Creation of low-threshold offers for experimentation and prototyping
  • Qualification of potential founders and support in the development of start-up ideas
  • Settlement concept: New Urban Production on the Utopia City Campus at Mirke railway station in Wuppertal
  • Promotion of socio-ecological and economic neighbourhood development
  • Analysis of the connection between New Urban Production and neighbourhood innovation
  • Derivation of strategies and recommendations for action
  • Knowledge transfer and communication on the topic "New Urban Production"

The Wuppertal Institute's researcher ate also developing a definition of the "New Urban Production". Corresponding production sites in the Bergisches Städtedreieck are being mapped and described on an existing GeoPortal. To support the transfer of knowledge, various communication measures in Wuppertal as well as excursions to New Urban Production sites are planned.

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