Efficient Synthesis and Electricity Recovery from E-Fuels

  • Project no.252267
  • Duration 02/2021 - 01/2023

The aim of the ESyRE project is to develop a process chain that is as efficient as possible for generating synthetic fuels from renewable energy and converting them back into electricity using fuel cell technology. The focus is on applications in heavy-duty and rail transport. The efficient production of the fuel takes place via a high-temperature electrolysis-based power-to-liquid process, while a high-temperature fuel cell is used for the reconversion into electricity.

The ESyRE sub-project "Environmental Impact Analysis, Regulatory Framework and Acceptance," which is being carried out by the Wuppertal Institute, aims to accompany the work on technology development and optimisation from an environmental and political science perspective and to support it with regard to a practical and market-oriented development. For this purpose, the environmental impact of the new technology, the relevant political-regulatory framework conditions and aspects of acceptance by society as a whole, which are of particular importance for the introduction of new energy technologies, are examined.

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