Circular Economy in the Republic of Moldova – Support to the Development of Institutions and Infrastructures

  • Project no.352748
  • Duration 01/2022 - 06/2022

The majority of the population in the Republic of Moldova does not have access to basic public services. The infrastructure is inadequate and there is no sustainable waste management. This can be attributed, among other things, to the fact that the Republic of Moldova barely cooperates with public institutions. Neither at national, nor at regional or local level. The GIZ project "Modernisation of Municipal Services of General Interest" aims to strengthen institutional capacities for sustainable waste management in Moldova by providing knowledge and experience on waste management in Germany, facilitating an exchange of information and establishing peer-to-peer learning. 

As the implementing partner of this project, the Wuppertal Institute conducts the following tasks: 

  • Support of the Republic of Moldova in establishing a national waste management association by exchanging experiences with national waste management associations in Germany and deriving recommendations for a roadmap.
  • Development of a methodology for waste management concepts in the Republic of Moldova by focusing on local planning concepts, cooperation structures and planning processes at district level ("rayons") through a peer-to-peer-format.
  • Development of a circular innovation support programme. For this, promising start-ups in the Republic of Moldova are identified, coached and provided the opportunity to present themselves to relevant actors from industry and the financial sector.

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