Support Sufficiency Approaches in the Building Sector

  • Project no.252693
  • Duration 12/2021 - 07/2022

The project identifies sufficiency approaches in the building sector and political-legal measures that contribute to anchoring and supporting these strategic approaches. This way potentials for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions can be exploited in addition to efficiency and consistency strategies. The researchers investigate and analyse existing sufficiency approaches and concepts in the building sector.
They address, for example, approaches that aim to optimise the use of existing buildings and adapt them more flexibly to different conditions of use and requirements. In this way, built space can be used variably and more intensively throughout the life cycle of the property that results in a lower demand for new construction. These approaches offer a significant potential for greenhouse gas emissions reduction as well as the reduction of further environmental impacts and resource construction. Within the project the scientists use current methods for modeling and quantifying sufficiency in climate, energy and resource scenarios.

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