Open Circular-Collaboration-Platform for Sustainable Food Packaging from Plastics

  • Project no.352518
  • Duration 07/2022 - 07/2025

So far, the development of a circular economy with a high proportion of recyclates in new products and high-quality waste recycling for food plastic packaging has been hindered by various circumstances. Recycling could be improved, for example, by providing recyclers, product manufacturers and others with important information to assess the recycled material as well as the waste.

The project goal of COPPA is therefore the development and demonstration of an open and scalable so-called "Circular Collaboration Platform" (CCP) for recyclers and processors of plastics, packaging manufacturers and food retailers. With the help of this platform, important material information can then be passed on along the value chain. The focus here is on an open and "inclusive" design that not only maps a few supply relationships, but enables many of the participating companies to be involved.

The project builds on the experience and previous developments of the project partners involved. It integrates existing approaches, such as a system for recording movement and processing data (Electronic Product Code Information Services). These have already been applied to a plastics value chain by parts of the project consortium as part of the "R-Cycle" initiative.

The Wuppertal Institute‘s researchers lay the foundation for the project by conducting an analysis of requirements with the stakeholders involved. They determine which functions should be available to the users of the circular collaboration platform. This then gives rise to a vision of the goals for further work.

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