Employee Participation for a Sustainable Transformation

  • Project no.15233
  • Duration 03/2022 - 08/2023

The project examines sustainable innovation processes in the manufacturing sector, which are characterised by the participation of employees and works council. This research topic takes up socio-political debates that have become increasingly important in recent years. The main question here is how both an ecologically and socially compatible development of society and the economy can be realised. This poses particular challenges for economic sectors such as the manufacturing industry, which are implementing restructuring and innovation processes in the area of sustainability. The participation of employees and co-determination through works councils is of central importance for the success of these processes. This concerns not only questions of social impacts and acceptance of complex change processes, but also about mobilising the resources of these actors such as their professional competences, their knowledge and their experience for the sustainable and thus also future-proof design of companies and sectors.

The project analyses the role of employees and works councils in participation-oriented innovation processes in the field of sustainability. The analysis of case studies will provide insights into

  • different types of participation-oriented sustainability innovations with a focus on climate protection in the manufacturing industry,
  • the strategies and interactions of the actors involved, and
  • practical recommendations for the transformation of companies.

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