Groundwork for the Establishment of a Label for Domestic Compensation of Greenhouse Gases

  • Project no.252946
  • Duration 09/2022 - 05/2024

The market for voluntary offsetting of greenhouse gas emissions in Germany is growing rapidly. More and more organisations, especially companies, have set themselves climate change mitigation targets and many intend to also use offset credits to achieve them. There is also an increased interest in credits from projects based in Germany. This raises the question of whether and in what form domestic projects can be used while ensuring a real added value for the climate is delivered. In this regard, in particular the risk of emission reductions being claimed multiple times (double claiming) must be taken into account as it could undermine environmental integrity.

Against this background, the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) has commissioned the project "Groundwork for the establishment of a label for domestic compensation of greenhouse gases", which is being implemented jointly by adelphi research (lead) and Wuppertal Institute.
The project is to examine a possible label or labelling system in the field of offset credits and thus contribute to ensuring quality in this field. To achieve this goal, the project team will first conduct an analysis of existing approaches. The focus here is particularly on labels for CO2 compensation as well as approaches for the certification of corporate climate neutrality. On this basis, the next step will be to develop a catalogue of criteria and tests for the evaluation of domestic offsetting. This catalogue will then form the basis for the formulation of a labelling system.

The work will be flanked by several workshops that will enable the continuous involvement of relevant stakeholders in the process and thus critical reflection. The work is intended to take into account the changed framework conditions of the Paris Agreement and to enable the participation of actors in climate change mitigation projects while maintaining environmental integrity.

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