Future of Fossil Gas in the EU

  • Project no.152617
  • Duration 07/2021 - 04/2023

The project shows a transformation path for the EU towards a climate-neutral energy system, in which Europe can quickly free itself from its dependence on fossil gas. The gas-intensive sectors of power generation, buildings and industry were examined in detail. The consortium partners Artelys, TEP Energy and the Wuppertal Institute devised development paths for all EU member states within a consistent overall scenario.

In their scenario calculations, the project participants considered how energy efficiency and energy carrier change could accelerate the phase-out of fossil gas, how the conversion of electricity generation to renewable energies can succeed even with a limited use of natural gas in the sector during the transition phase. The scenario also identifies the infrastructure adaptations that would be necessary for achieving a fast phase-out of fossil gas. The project paid special attention to the role of hydrogen, which is indispensable for the two sectors of industry and refinery modeled by the Wuppertal Institute. The study "Breaking free from fossil gas" shows how green hydrogen, which may remain scarce in the future, can be used sparingly.

Based on the scenario calculations, Agora Energiewende has developed policy recommendations that also include a closer look at implementation in nine selected deep dive countries in Central and South-Eastern Europe. These recommendations as well as the scenario results are available in a report published by Agora Energiewende under the link below.

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