Support of the Circular Economy Coordination Office Munich

  • Project no.353096
  • Duration 03/2023 - 02/2024

Last year, the city council of Bavaria's capital adopted a Zero Waste concept with ambitious goals that focus on municipal waste from households. The concept includes 40 planned measures covering different activities and areas of application, as well as the establishment of a zero waste office. Among other things, this office is to monitor the implementation of the measures in the long term, coordinate them and establish contacts between relevant actors.

The Department for Climate and Environmental Protection (RKU) of the City of Munich is also planning to establish a Circular Economy Coordination Office. This should provide a suitable (and still to be defined) platform and support for the circular activities taking place in Munich. The Wuppertal Institute was commissioned to accompany the foundation of the coordination office and to work out to what extent the two specialist offices "Zero Waste" and "Circular Economy" can meaningfully complement each other, but also in which aspects they differ. In this context, a demarcation of the content of the two specialised units is an important building block in order to define clear responsibilities. Therefore, continuous coordination between CEKS and the Zero-Waste Unit is planned. The goal is to establish a total of two specialised units in Munich that complement each other thematically and do not act redundantly.

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