Evaluation of Measures for a Just, Health-Promoting Urban Development and the Great Transformation with Regard to the Promotion of Health, the Reduction of Social Inequalities and the Protection of Climate and Environment

  • Project no.452918
  • Duration 06/2023 - 11/2023

The overall project (concept and implementation phase) examines integrated urban development concepts (IUDC) and co-productive city-making in Bochum, Wuppertal and Bremen. The focus is on their effects on health promotion, their contribution to reducing social inequalities and the protection of climate and the environment. The interrelationships of effects are evaluated comparatively. The basis is the hypothesis that IUDCs and "city making" address various determinants of health and ecological sustainability that positively influence local living conditions. This is especially true for vulnerable groups that are socially disadvantaged in terms of environment and health.
During the six-month concept development phase, the researchers will develop an evaluation concept from a public health and sustainability perspective that takes into account measures from IUDCs as well as co-productive city-making activities.

The current scientific evidence on the effectiveness of urban renewal measures is systematically collected and used as a basis.
In parallel, the researchers will use criteria to select measures of urban development intervention types in the three case study cities. They then develop specific logical models of the complex, context-specific interventions of IUDCs and city-making in a participatory manner with practitioners and residents.
In addition, indicators for process and effectiveness evaluation are selected and developed, to track the interdepartmental cooperation, participation of the population and intervention effects with regard to health-promoting changes in living conditions and lifestyles, equal health opportunities and ecological sustainability. Finally, the project participants elicit local data resources and design supplementary data collection for the evaluations in the implementation phase.

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