Scientific Monitoring of the On-Demand Mobility Service Pilot Flexy

  • Project no.253190
  • Duration 08/2023 - 03/2026

Launched by Rheinbahn AG in March 2023, flexy is an on-demand mobility service that complements conventional public transport in eastern Düsseldorf. During evening hours, on weekends and public holidays, flexy can be booked via app and serves around 800 virtual stops. On-demand mobility services combine the journey requests of different passengers and offer the opportunity to improve the quality of public transport in low-demand areas at off-peak times.

The aim of the project during the three-year pilot phase of flexy is to develop a basis for decisions on the continuation as well as the expansion of the service as a permanent offer in public transport. The researchers will evaluate demand, supply, traffic quality and benefits of the service. For this purpose, available system data on usage frequency and structure, capacity utilisation, app performance, and key business figures will be evaluated. Also, accompanying market research will be conducted among users and the population to analyse user satisfaction, trip purposes and modal shift, as well as awareness of flexy, needs and barriers to use. Traffic shift effects and climate impacts are derived from system and survey data. Finally, the researchers formulate recommendations for further action, for adapting and expanding the service and for quality improvements.

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