"Climate Forum/Energy Camp" for Teenagers

  • Project no.1417
  • Duration 07/2009 - 03/2010

A sustainable energy supply in the context of climate protection and sustainability is one of the key topics at present. The project's scheme intends to inform teenager about this highly relevant topic and to motivate and empower them to actively and critically deal with possible solution strategies.
Further objectives include:

  • to procure and encourage sustainability relevant competence,
  • to facilitate realistic job orientation.

The target group of the climate camp are 15-18 years old teenager who are interested in social and natural sciences. The concept of the climate camp focuses on the acquirement of sustainability relevant "competence to design and act", as for example:

  • The skill of interdisciplinary thinking and argumentation.
  • The skill to generate knowledge in a cosmopolitan manner that integrates new perspectives.
  • The ability of foresighted thinking and acting.
  • The skill to participate.
  • The competence of planning and implementation.
  • The faculty of self-motivation and motivating others.
  • The faculty of reflection.
  • The ability for empathy.

These kinds of "competence to design and act" are supported over 2.5 days through a broad spectrum of diverse methods. The animation to reflect and interlace perspectives is especially important and can be taught for example with the help of role plays, pro-contra debates or through the "Science Date" method.
Pupils acquire an additional qualification through the participation in the climate camp, documented by a participation certificate that can be useful for job applications.

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